Uses of Shatavari for women’s health

Shatavari has often been called nature’s gift to women. Also known as Asparagus racemosus, or the Indian Asparagus, Shatavari is one of the most widely used herbs in Ayurveda. It has white, radish shaped tubers which are found in clusters and its branches are modified into a leafy structure. 

For several centuries, Shatavari has been used in India for maintaining the overall health of women. Here are some uses of Shatavari:

1. Promotes Lactation

Shatavari is considered as a galactogogue – a milk enhancing substance – that helps increase the production of breast milk in lactating mothers. The hormone prolactin is responsible for breast milk secretion in new mothers. Research has found shatavari to boost prolactin hormone levels.

2. Benefits female reproductive organs

Shatavari cleanses the blood and nourishes the female reproductive organs. It also enhances fertility by nourishing the womb and ovum that help prepare the female organs for pregnancy. It contains phyto-estrogens that are useful for women who suffer from low natural estrogen levels, caused due to menopause or hysterectomies. Zenith Nutrition’s Fertil Edge For Women helps optimize female fertility and reproductive health.

3. Helps during menstruation

For menstruating women, Shatavari helps by regulating monthly cycles and ovulation. It has also been found to soothe PMS cramping, bloating and irritability. Shatavari is high in Folic Acid and can help in preventing anemia. 

4. Stress buster

Shatavari is an adaptogen – the substance that improves the body’s ability to adapt to stress. It acts as a powerful anti-stress agent and has anti-depressant properties. Research has indicated that shatavari improved the production of chemicals in the brain that have anti-stress and anti-anxiety effect. The presence of flavonoids, polyphenols and saponins give shatavariits anti-stress properties. Hence, shatavari is very useful for stress management and treating depression.

5. Builds immunity

According to research, shatavari root extract plays a very important role in stimulating immune cells and infection-fighting cells. During infection, the body’s immunity is at its lowest. Shatavari helps the body to fight against diseases and speeds up recovery.

Despite many benefits of shatavari for women, it is recommended that pregnant women use it cautiously. Consult your doctor before using Shatavari with other medications.