Health benefits of using Colostrum

Many of you may have heard about the benefits of Colostrum for a newborn baby. You may think that it is only new mothers who produce colostrum. However, the fact is, Colostrum is a form of pre-milk produced by the mammary glands of all mammals, including humans. It is a sticky, sometimes yellowish or orange color liquid that newborns feed on the first few days after their birth. It helps build their immune system and provides them with essential nutrients for their growth and development.

Here are some of the health benefits of using Colostrum:

1. Benefits to the Immune System

Compared to regular milk, Colostrum has over 100 times the amount of immunoglobulins. It helps stimulate the immune system and can modulate the immune response. It can also help protect you from a wide variety of disease-causing pathogens and dangerous bacteria such as Salmonella, Staphylococcus and Streptococcus. It offers protection against a number of viruses, fungi and protozoan parasites. Colostrum can help supplement our immune system and destroy potential health dangers. You can try Zenith Nutrition’s Colostrum Super 400 mg for the health of your immune system.

 2. Benefits to Gut Health

Nutrient absorption, detoxification and immunological balance are all taken care of by the human gut. The microbial balance in the gut is responsible for around 70% of our immunological control. A special immunoglobulin protein, called secretory IgA (sIgA), plays an important role in the gut health. Those with chronic gut problems, IBS, ulcerative colitis etc. have low sIgA. Colostrum can help boost sIgA levels in the gut. It helps reduce inflammatory cytokines and pathogenic species in the gut, and helps balance the immune system. It can also repair damage to the gut lining. You can supplement with Colostrum Super 300mg to heal intestinal problems naturally. However, consult with your doctor before taking any supplements.

 3. Relief from Allergies

Allergies are a result of immunoglobulin production by the body, in response to foreign vitamins and proteins. Allergies are very common and it is the body’s way of resisting anything new or unfavorable. Colostrum supplements contain antibodies that fight allergens in the human body. They suppress the IgE production by desensitizing the body.

 4. Prevents Cancer

Several research studies have indicated that bovine colostrum can help prevent development of cancers, particularly those in the gastrointestinal tract. More research is needed to understand colostrum’s role in preventing cancer. A weakened immune system allows cancerous cells to spread and destroy healthy tissues in the human body. Cytokines, found uniquely in colostrum, are chemical messengers that act as killer immune cells and fight cancer causing cells. Thus, colostrum, can inhibit the spread of cancer cells.

Human or Bovine Colostrum is the best naturally available source to boost immunity. Even though it might be difficult to find, supplements available here on Zenith Nutrition can help you get the best out of colostrum’s incredible health benefits.