Health benefits of Fenugreek

Fenugreek, commonly known as methi, is a popular herb in Indian households. Not only does it add flavor to foods, this bitter-tasting herb is rich with medicinal properties that have several health benefits. Here are some of the reasons why you must include fenugreek in your diet regularly:

1. Lowers blood cholesterol

Use of fenugreek has been found to benefit those with high levels of blood cholesterol and triglycerides. According to studies, fenugreek helps to reduce cholesterol level, especially that of the low density lipoprotein (LDL). It is a rich source of steroidal saponins that prevents the absorption of cholesterol and reduces the chances of hardening of the arteries.

2. Lowers the risk of heart disease

Fenugreek contains galactomannan, which helps maintain your heart health. It is also a rich source of potassium that counters the action of sodium, and helps control heart rate and blood pressure. A diet rich in fenugreek is recommended for optimal heart health. You can also try fenugreek supplements such as Fenugreek Plus 500 mg from Zenith Nutrition after consulting your doctor.

3. Good for breastfeeding mothers

Nursing mothers are often advised to have fenugreek to increase their milk supply. Fenugreek acts as a galactagogue, a substance which increases milk supply. It stimulates the milk ducts and can increase milk production in as little as 24 hours. Also, the magnesium and vitamin content of fenugreek also help improve the milk’s quality and keep your infant healthy.

4. Increases libido in men

It is believed that fenugreek can help treat hernia, erectile dysfunction and baldness in men. Fenugreek may increase sexual arousal and testosterone level, however, it is advisable to consult your doctors before using any fenugreek supplements.

5. Helps reduce menstrual discomfort

Fenugreek contains disogenin and isoflavones, which help reduce menstrual cramps and symptoms associated with PMS. These compounds also ease menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes and mood swings. Fenugreek is a rich source of iron and can prevent iron deficiency during menstrual periods, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Including fenugreek in your diet can supply a good amount of iron and you can also add tomatoes or potatoes to the preparations to enhance iron absorption.

6. Good for skin

Fenugreek face packs can help prevent blackheads, pimples, wrinkles, etc. You can apply a paste of fresh fenugreek leaves for twenty minutes for a glowing skin. Washing your face with water boiled (and cooled) with fenugreek seeds can also work wonders for your skin. Apart from these, fenugreek also has several other health benefits such as treating constipation, kidney problems, controlling diabetes and also providing relief from sore throat. Since fenugreek is an annual herb, you can get its benefits by taking some of the supplements available at Zenith Nutrition.