Why should You Go for Nutritional Supplements?

As time goes on, our body weakens; this is common knowledge. Ageing sets in, muscles deteriorate and our limbs lose strength. However, what has impacted us the most is the fact that in our modern times, the quality of our food has steadily gone down.

Yes, it has been noted that nutrition levels in fruits and vegetables have steadily decreased as compared to previous decades. Use and overuse of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and growth enzymes are the reason for this. As a result, the food we eat costs us, both financially as well as physically.

This is why there is a glaring need to meet the body’s requirements for additional nutrients that our nominal food intake cannot satisfy. Thankfully, nutritional supplements are here to save the day.


Supplements contain vital nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. that your body needs to retain proper functionality but does not received for your nominal food intake. The reason for this is that the food we consume today is markedly less nutritious than those compared to the past. The supplements helps your body compensate for the nutritional deficit and enables it to resume proper functioning at optimal levels of performance and efficiency. 


Depending on its intended use and users, supplements may contain vitamins, commonly called multivitamins, minerals, like calcium and iron, or natural extracts sourced from various plants and herbs. These are called micronutrients, in that these are required by the body for proper functioning but in amounts that are less than our typical requirements for energy, like protein or carbohydrates. Supplements may be taken to combat nutrient deficiencies or to simply boost your health and immune system. However, taking excess supplements will not result in any gains or risks. These micronutrients, as their names say, are needed in very small amounts. Upon excess consumption, the body simply flushes them out of the system with urine. Therefore, if you do not adhere to prescribed dosages, you could basically end up flushing your supplements down the drain, quite literally.


Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle that demands very little of us physically. As a result, we are often blissfully unaware that some of the requirements of the body are not being met. We realise that only when, say we chase after a bus and develop muscle cramps that simply won’t let up. Maybe someday you suddenly wake up to joint pain. These are issues caused by lack of micronutrients and they creep up on you very easily. This is why it is a good bet to take some recommended supplements with your daily breakfast each and every day. You will find yourself full of energy and youthful vigour every day and wonder where it was hiding all this time. Supplements also contribute to your long-term health by strengthening your immune system and allowing your body to most efficiently utilise the nutrients you do consume in food. Simply put, nutritional supplements make your body perform the best it can. If you feel that you have been lethargic and unmotivated, maybe you should give these a try.