Why Go for Natural Supplements over Artificial Ones

There has been some serious interest in going back to natural sources in all facets of life. People are increasingly looking forward to the benefits of using natural products and nature-derived products over the possible adverse effects that artificial chemicals often have.Nutritional supplements can be derived from a variety of sources. Here, we consider why natural supplements are better than the artificial ones.

The idea holds true for the medicinal domain as well. Interest in holistic healing techniques, traditional medicine like Unani and Ayurveda, and spiritual practices like Yoga has skyrocketed throughout the globe. Here, we consider the pros and cons of going for natural and nature derived nutritional supplements.


Properly prepared natural concoctions are in perfect tune with the human body and have never been shown to be harmful. On the contrary, many artificial and manufactured products have known adverse effects, which leads to them being restricted in dosage and the frequency with which they can be consumed. There is no such limitation on natural and nature derived compounds.


Natural products are significantly cost effective since they are made from organic plant matter and are not subject to the various market effects that are involved when buying the ingredients that go into making nutritional supplements. Artificial chemicals have complex manufacturing processes that are sensitive to a variety of other economic factors, leading to a fluctuation of prices and costs. Natural products suffer no such drawback.


Natural products are synthesised by Mother Nature, making them some of the cleanest and purest manufacturing process that few human designed machines can rival. The quality of natural products can seldom be replicated in the lab or on an industrial scale, and it shows in the ultimate form of the product. With natural products, there is no need for “quality control” since the source is natural. Chemicals do not need to separately synthesise in industrial equipment, which might have contaminants and trace amounts of other chemicals that can lower the purity of the product. Natural compounds are formed in situ within plant matter and do not have these flaws.


Chemical preparations always run the risk of going bad or reacting with other chemicals or medications. Natural and nature derived products have never been shown to react with other components in such a way as to be harmful to the human body and its associated systems. Natural products can be consumed with complete peace of mind and no adverse effects from overconsumption.

Natural products have always had their allure. In ancient civilisations and cultures, humans made do with what the nature provided them with. As we developed intelligence and scientific knowledge, we figured out how we could make similar things without involving nature. But the results could never stand up to them. To this date, natural and nature derived products are far purer and higher quality than anything we have ever been able to manufacture at an industrial scale. Maybe it is time to go back to our roots and embrace what has already been provided for us.