Weight Gaining Tips for Skinny People

Being ‘size zero’ is fashionable but when you look into the mirror and find yourself look like a person only with the skeleton then that certainly doesn’t look nice. Simply crying for a perfect body and eating endlessly to look fleshy wouldn’t help, if you really want to gain some flesh to your body then, you will have to get up and follow some steps:

Healthy food implies healthy body: Ideally a man should have 2200 calories and a woman should have1900 calories, therefore adding extra 1000 calorie to the diet would help in gaining weight for those who are not engaged in heavy activities. If you are among those people who confuse calories with fat then it will surely get you into trouble. Saturated fats are unhealthy and you should stop having them in your diet.

The more frequent you eat the more result you get: You should have five or more meals a day. Eat at a regular interval of 2-3 hours. Maintain short intervals between the meals, it helps your body to absorb more nutrients from the food. Whatever you eat will get digested and used properly by your body. Your body will be able to show up all the efforts that you have put, a few days earlier than expected.

Smart diet plan: If you are poor in selecting right food then consult a dietitian and maintain a diet chart. You should eat food with high protein in it such as egg, meat, fish, pulses, etc. To avoid constipation add fiber to you diet. If you are in a habit of smoking nicotine then quit it right now, as smoking will cause lack of appetite.

Be friends with gym: It helps you to get a toned body but without having right diet you shouldn’t be thinking of it. Free exercises such as squats, push-up, pull-up, running etc. helps the body to build muscle fibers, since while doing these types of workout large amount of muscles are being targeted. Weight lifting can be done by both males and females. If you are a beginner in weight training then, you should always start with light weights and lift the weight in few sets of 6-8.

Sleep like a baby: After heavy exercise your body needs to rest, so 8-9 hours of sleep at night is must. When we sleep our body goes into repair mode and it stars to work on our muscles. All that you have done to get the right body weight will go in vain if your body doesn’t get right amount of rest that it needs.

Never be discouraged: If you want a change then you need to take a stand for it. People might make fun of you and try to pull you down, but don’t let them take any control over you. Work hard and harder. Results will be visible on your body only after your dedicated efforts.

When you look good you feel good. A healthy body will bring you confidence. Body is the temple where our soul stays, so we should always worship it. A disciplined lifestyle with a little bit of extra care can give you the type of body that you have always wanted.