The Need for Supplements for Women

The modern woman has a million different responsibilities and duties and little time for rest and recuperation. A rapid pace of life, work and everything in between takes its toll on the body and the mind. The daily food intake however, is not at all equipped to meet the requirements of the female body which results in an overall decreased quality of life and dissatisfaction in daily activities and even leisure.

All hope is not lost though; taking nutritional supplements can markedly improve the situation by manyfold. Supplements are designed to complement the body’s requirements of vitamins, minerals and other essential chemicals that food fails to provide in sufficient quantities. Use of pesticides, antibiotics and other artificial compounds and chemicals in the production of both plant and animal food products has led to a significant decrease in the quality, taste and nutritional content of the food. That is why nutritional supplements are fast becoming the need of the day.

Since the female body has some significant and fundamental differences from the maleanatomy, some of the nutritional requirements too vary across the board. Here we take a look at some of the concerns specifically of the male body.


Breasts are the quintessential marker of femininity. It is aesthetically significant for perception of self and necessary as a source of nutrition for the new born child as it produces the life sustaining milk. However, human breasts are vulnerable to a lot of factors, ranging from premature sagging due to ageing effects to deformation of shape to breast cancer. Taking proper cares of one’s breasts is absolutely crucial and the nutritional supplements that aid in this is Fenugreek, with proven effectiveness in maintaining breast health and encouraging development.


The female body has significantly less muscle density and strength simply because of evolutionary processes. As a result, its requirements are different from those in a man’s body since its purpose is different. Supplements that aid muscle development, enhancement and tone in women include Creatine2, Glutamine, Protein and Tribulus.


Ageing is a natural process that will run its course with every individual irrespective of his or her health or gender. However, premature ageing can and should be fought. Consumption of anti-oxidants slows down cell ageing and gives you a healthy life and skin for longer. Nutritional supplements rich in antioxidants include Lycopene, CoQ10, Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Extract and Astaxanthin.


The modern woman is free of taboos and has embraced open discussion of sexuality.Female sexual performance depends on a variety of factors, with the menstrual cycle accounting for about 80% of the hormonal changes that the body goes through.Supplements that result in easier arousal and lasting and pleasurable sexual performance for women include Chaste Berry, Phytosterols and Soy Isoflavones.


Multivitamins, Omega 3, Probiotics (to aid digestion) and Whey Protein (to build muscle mass) are supplements that aid in the overall development of the body and help to keep the human machine in good health and shape.