Proper Way to Take Supplements

They are easy to use and can be bought over the counter, but that does not mean that you can chuck them in your mouth like breath mints. Like any other medicine, the benefits of supplements are at their peak when used in a certain way. Here are some things you should keep in mind about the proper way to use nutritional supplements.Nutritional supplements are designed to make up for the deficit of essential nutrients in your body. 


Supplements like vitamins, minerals, nutritional oils, such as from fish and flax; fatty acids and fatty acid derivatives must be consumed after a meal that has the appropriately balanced nutrients for optimal absorption by the body.

Always consume a balanced meal. Unless you are following the advice of a certified dietician or nutritionist, it is recommended that every meal include protein, carbohydrates and fats, the latter being especially necessary for optimal digestion. If you are in the habit of a lean breakfast, consider replacing your skim milk with full fat milk, or add a dab of peanut butter to your bread.

On the other hand, amino acids, herbal derivatives and enzymes must be taken 2 hours to 30 minutes before a meal. These are very gentle compounds and cannot compete with other nutrients like carbohydrates and proteins to be absorbed. Digestive enzymes may be taken immediately before a meal, but any other systemic enzymes should be taken between meals.


You can swear by nutritional supplements even if you have been using them wrong all your life. Vitamin A, D, E, K; ascorbic palmitate and other forms of vitamins and fatty acids and fatty acid derivatives are soluble in fat. Hence, it makes sense to consume fatty foods before as well as after. Other fat soluble vitamins include Q-Sorb and Q-Gel. A water soluble vitamin E form is called tocopheryl acetate.


Supplements and other nature derivatives work in a million different ways on your body. As such, there is no solid evidence on either side of the debate on whether you should change your supplement routine from time to time.  Based on empirical evidence however, many experts recommend changing some of your routine, particularly natural derivatives. For example, consumption of Echinacea for one week every month suffices since its effect, boosting the production and activity of infection fighting white blood cells, lasts for about three months. Continuing to take Echinacea beyond one week leads to no appreciable results or increased white blood cell content.

So there you go: some very basic ideas on what routines to follow while taking nutritional supplements. Do not be afraid to use your own ideas though. Educate yourself on what effects supplements have and take action accordingly. You have a safety net here; overages of nutritional supplements have no adverse effects on your body and are harmlessly removed from your system, unlike medicinal drugs. Your body only absorbs what is needed. That being said, there is absolutely no reason to consume more than you require. Be wise.