Look Slim – Reduce your body Fat

Who doesn’t like a lean and fit body? No one likes a bulging tummy that is ready to burst out of your shirt. But it is easier said than done. Lowering your body fat percentage requires dedication, extreme conditioning and developing conscious eating habits.

Controlling your body fat is a three step process; you need to control your diet, maintain a strict exercise routine, and lead a leaner and healthier lifestyle.

Following are some of the tips and procedures you should absolutely follow to live your dream of being lean, slim and fit.

 1. Follow a routine

Make up an exercise program that you can follow easily throughout your life. Don’t restrict calories instead, minimize them to certain extent.

 2. Limit your Calorie Intake

Keep a track of your calorie consumption and also the amount of calorie you are burning. Always take fewer calories than you burn. There are many gadgets available that help you calculate your daily calorie activity.

 3. Reduce your Carbs

Carbohydrate and starch rich foods such as Rice, potato, wheat products, breads increase your fat percentage. You don’t need to totally cut off taking carbs but reduce them to 3-5 servings per day, i.e. one serving is one cup of rice.

 4. Eat often and plenty

Increase your body metabolism by having 3 solid meals per day. Having 5-6 small meals each day does not mean that you are burning your calories faster. Start with a good early and healthy breakfast. Breakfast is important; it lets your body know that you are indeed burning some calories.

 5. Include food that reduce fat in your diet

 Working out and still not getting rid of that extra weight?  What you can do is include some of these foods to your diet: yogurt, almonds, cherries, whole grains. These are known kick off body fat and would surely give you the edge.

 6. Hit the gym

Get up on that treadmill, lift few weights. Cardio exercises burn your fat quickly while weightlifting and strength training workouts get you toned and increase your muscle mass.

7. Introduce HIIT to your workouts

High intensity Interval training is shown to burn fat faster and it also maintains your body metabolism throughout the workouts and even post workout. Do 5 minutes of walking followed by sprints and squats with minimal interval. You will feel the burn immediately.

8. Rest plenty

Working out continuously induces much stress on your muscles. You need to take rest in good amounts, to let your muscle repair. Keep one day off from your workout routine to relax.

9. Drink loads of water

Drinking sufficient amount of water actually makes you feel full and eat less. Drinking cold water can actually increase your metabolism and burn more fats.

10.  Try using supplements

You can also use a number of fat-burning supplements available in the market today; they boost up fat-burning process. Some people use creatine, which is known to build muscles and reduce fat.