Do your body a favor, Go Vegan!

We all have goals in life and we set them in the form of resolutions and time-tracked achievements. While some of the famous resolutions include fit body, losing weight, focusing on work, a healthy and happy lifestyle; the new pointer that is on top of this list amongst all the people worldwide now is Going Vegan! PETA – the organization, which works towards educating and protecting animals, very much helps and makes people aware of benefits of going vegan.

What is GO VEGAN?

This slogan is actually a way to enlighten and create awareness into people to not indulge into killing animals and eggs, and choose food-clothes etc. that is made out of land-grown plants and trees. Vegan diet can be understood as a strict vegetarian diet, which you shall be adopting for more benefit than one.

What are the benefits of Vegan?

The benefits of Going Vegan will actually amaze you, read on.

  1. Vegans are almost 10 kgs lighter than the meat-eaters. Vegan diet keeps you off the excess fat in your body.
  2. Vegan diet energizes us and keeps us more active compared to the meat-eaters. Unhealthy fad diets sometimes makes the body dizzy and tired, but a complete vegan diet is bound to keep you light and healthy.
  3. Disregarding animal slaughtering will earn you a good deed. You are respecting someone’s life after all!
  4. It gives you a new way to look into life and nature, makes you respect nature and teaches you how to nurture life.
  5. Meat is a mix of animal’s body fluids such as blood, feces and other things, which causes disease and often leads to food poisoning in our daily lives.
  6. Animals are a source of most of our food requirements, and to keep them going we need to save them. Going Vegan actually creates a vegetarian lifestyle and supports food growth.

What are the essentials of ‘Going Vegan’?

Going vegan doesn’t just mean abandoning all the food items that are non-vegetarian, it also requires you to look into the minute details of the food and check if there is even a minimal ingredient that is made of animal skin or parts. It also means cutting off leather, fur, non-vegetarian medicines or anything you use that contains animal parts.

How difficult is it?

For beginners, it might get a little difficult to adopt an all-vegetarian lifestyle as you may run out of alternative food options and availability issues. But motivation and dedication shall bring you into terms with it. And the momentum it is gaining, people are coming out with All-vegetarian food items and ingredients at a very fast pace, so the problems shall only be temporary.

With big celebrities like Beyonce, Natalie Portman, Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez and Pamela Anderson going Vegan and flaunting it, Vegan has become almost like a lifestyle. Celebrities have been talking about it, the health benefits and influencing people too. Vegan diet actually brings us closer to the nature, health and inner peace of body, so DO YOUR BODY A FAVOR - GO VEGAN!