Changes in the Body During Pregnancy

Women are blessed with motherhood. While stepping towards maternity a woman has to go through a number of motherhood changes i.e physical and emotional changes, though these changes are not permanent in nature but the effects may last months after the delivery.

Breast enlargement and secretion: Due to increased estrogen and progesterone level in the body, breasts tend to become larger and painful. On the arrival of third semester milky fluid called colostrum starts to leak out of nipples. Nipples will enlarge and will look darker than normal.

Change in Skin tone: The skin looks a shade darker than usual due to the increase in melanin, but because of increase in blood circulation the skin may seem healthy and glowing. As the baby develops the mother’s skin goes through tremendous amount of stretch and pull which results in ugly stretch marks on her breasts, abdomen and thighs. Some women also experience itchiness on the affected areas which can be pacified by applying cocoa butter. Acne may also develop due to hormonal changes.

Change in hair and nails texture: Increased estrogen level results in healthy growth of hair, increase in unwanted hair growth may be found on other parts of the body like back, stomach, arms, etc. Hair becomes thick but majority of the women experience hair loss post pregnancy which becomes normal after 4-6 months of delivery. Nails become brittle.

Hot flashes: As there are hormonal changes, pregnant women may experience hot flashes (feeling warm) and excessive sweating.  They are required to drink a lot of water to maintain the body heat.

Increased frequency of urination and constipation: During pregnancy the uterus expands and pushes the bladder, as a result there is need of urination every 1-2 hours for the pregnant woman. Constipation is caused due to hormonal imbalance. To beat this, pregnant women should drink abundant amount of water. Constipation can also be the result of certain digestive problems that may arise as the uterus comes out of pelvic cavity and pushes the stomach and intestine, resulting in malfunction.

Bleeding gums: Pregnant women go through the problem of bleeding gums which may lead to various oral infections. When the baby develops inside the mother, it requires calcium which often results in dental problems.

Tiredness and body pain: To make the mother’s body spacious for the growth of the baby, the ligaments and the abdomen stretch which causes frequent abdominal and back pain. Muscles and joints get tired which cause pain all over the body. Pregnant women often feel nausea and go through breathing problems due to nasal blockage. 

Frequent changes in mood: Pregnant woman’s mood fluctuate irrationally and frequently. She goes through emotional ups and downs due to her body which is flushing hormones every now and then. At times she may feel excessive happy and excited for the upcoming new phase of her life while other times she might be snappy about everything. It’s her hormones which are playing around.

 Being a mother may seem difficult but it is the best thing that can ever happen to a woman. These problems are nothing as compared to the heavenly pleasure of motherhood.