Boost up your Cardio in simple steps

Cardio is often abbreviated for cardiovascular exercises that build up your strength, endurance and stamina. Having a great cardio is essential in leading a healthy lifestyle. Busy hectic schedules of people often make them run out of gas at the end of the day and that’s where having an excellent cardio comes in handy.

Though most of the people have resorted to gyms for their daily cardio exercises; treadmills, cross trainers; at the same time jogging, sprinting or running outdoors can be both relaxing and the fresh morning air can have other health benefits too.

You can quickly improve your endurance and stamina by applying the following tips in your daily exercise routine.

 1.  Increase the Incline on your treadmill or run uphill

Running on inclined ground, or uphill gets your blood pumping and burns those extra calories you have in no time. Also uphill running increases leg strength.

 2.  Include strength training with cardio workouts

The more you work on your muscle the more it will strengthen your cardiovascular system and build up your endurance. Do circuit training when you are in the gym, like do , pushups , sit ups followed by a one mile run.

3.  Minimizing the rest between sets

Continue pushing, do repetitions of exercises until you feel your muscles burning drenched in sweat. Continue till you find it physically impossible. Start slow at first; gradually you will see a large increase in your endurance.

 4. Plug in your headphones or turn on the speaker

Listening to music while exercising is the best way to stay focused and increase performance. Fast paced music or energetic beats reduces fatigue and provides motivation for your workout.

5. Training partner

Working out with a training partner makes your gym experience more enjoyable. It also serves as an added motivation to have your buddy working out with you.

 6. Switch up your routine

Switching up your work routine is important for improving your endurance and stamina. Do not perform the same workouts day in and day out. Switch it up , keep your mind guessing!

 7. Add explosive movements to your workouts

Explosive movements take a lot of energy and challenge your endurance and stamina. So the next time you hit the gym, add box jumps, power pushups and jumping knee tucks to your routine.

8. Kettlebell training

Kettlebell training has been shown to improve your cardio than any other weight training methods. Start with two handed swings and then generally progress to one handed swings.

9. Go off-road

If your treadmill is not doing the job, go outdoors. Mountain biking, trail running or even swimming in open water can add variety to your cardiovascular routine. Rugged terrains also increase agility and athleticism.

10. Stay Consistent

Best way to extract results is to make a routine and follow it every day. Skipping workouts may disrupt your body’s adaptive ability. Keep the workouts for early morning and exercise on a consistent basis.