5 Tips You Must Follow In Order To Maintain A Healthy Diet!

All of us aspire to have a healthy body and a sound mind but that doesn’t come off easily. You need to follow a balanced diet as well as do some exercises every day to look and feel healthy. Remember, looking healthy does not mean that you are healthy, however, it boosts the confidence in you.

We have compiled a list of five tips which you must incorporate in your eating habits to maintain a healthy diet:

1. Not just one kind, eat variety of foods

In order to keep our body healthy and for the smooth functioning of all the organs, a large number of different nutrients are required (approximately 40 in number). Just one type of food cannot provide all of them. So, you need to balance your eating habits in such a way that you meet all the requirements. If you are eating high protein food during first half of the day, then you can go for a low protein and carbohydrate-rich food in the second half of the day. Also, you need to vary your sources of the nutrients as well. For example, fish and chicken both are high protein but they might be having other nutrients too, so you can swap them and eat alternatively in order to enjoy more nutrients and better taste.

2. Eat carbohydrate-rich food

You must try to eat carbohydrate-rich food in a good portion whenever you eat. At least half of the food calories should come from carbohydrate-rich foods like cereals, wholegrains, potatoes etc.

3. Do not miss out on fruits and vegetables

The colored fruits and vegetables are very important for maintaining a good health. They provide protective nutrients which help in protecting us from various diseases. Eating fruits and veggies boosts our stamina too. So, you must try to put a portion of fruits & vegetables in every serving of your food.

4. Healthy body weight is a necessity

Neither should you be underweight nor overweight. Both have their own side effects. Every person’s ‘right weight depends upon a lot many factors including their age, sex, height, heredity etc. So, you should get it checked first that whether your weight is right for you or not. After knowing your present situation, you must try to focus on your diet and the exercises that you do.

5. Do not stop eating, just eat the right way

In order to maintain a healthy looking body, you need not stop eating, it will make you weak by stamina. Rather than stopping it, learn to reduce the food portion size and eat after every two hours. Also, even if you eat more, you can do a bit of more exercise. This will keep you healthy.